Virginia Beach Holiday Mini Sessions have arrived!!!

Call it a Thanksgiving Miracle…or maybe it was my birthday present from them! I don’t even care why – we got all three of them to sit still long enough for a cute Christmas portrait! 🙂 I’ve promised numerous clients that I would get some Christmas minis together, but of course I can’t offer Christmas minis without a picture of the set up.  What better models than our own kids? Hahaha! Totally kidding – they’re the worst to photograph! We’ve been so busy that I haven’t had a chance to get this set up together. When I finally did (twice!), there was some reason or another that I wasn’t able to photograph them on the setup. One evening last week, I was determined… I had it all set and realized that I needed some ribbon to wrap the presents with. I ran to Target. I was gone 15 minutes and came back to Elliot COVERED in marker. She loves to draw on herself, so no big surprise, but it certainly caused us to scratch the pictures that evening. So on our way out the door to our Thanksgiving lunch, I had the kids all dressed (minus a missing shoe, but you can’t win them all) and told Jason I needed to get the bookings set for Holiday Minis this weekend so he had to get me a picture right now before we leave. He thought I was crazy (still does), but I got my picture!!! 🙂

So here they are…

2016 Holiday Mini Sessions

Friday, December 2nd – Sunday, December 4th


  • 20 Minute Studio Portrait Session
  • 20 Minute Viewing & Ordering Appointment to take place within one week of session.
  • Includes 3 Digital Portraits with print release.
  • Additional images/products available for purchase.
  • Children only. Ages 4 months and up.

Click here to book your session now! Limited dates & times available.



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