Frequently Asked Questions

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How long have you been a professional photographer?
We began our photography business in 2008. Over a decade in and we have photographed most anything you can imagine; weddings, events, boudoir, food and product photography, headshots, business branding and of course families, maternity, newborn and senior portraits. We’ve photographed 500+ newborns, 400+ expecting mothers and countless families over the years so we have an abundance of experience. Even with ample hands on experience, we are constantly taking new education courses in posing, editing techniques, newborn safety and so on. We never want to stop learning and progressing. 
Am I required to schedule a pre-session consultation?
Of course not! We offer a video chat to plan your session if you’d like, but it is not required. If you prefer, we can go over all of the details through email/phone. We also have client questionnaires specific to your session type that we highly recommend you fill out before your session.
How long does a session last?
We don’t necessarily have a strict time limit on our sessions. The length of time spent during your session will depend on the goals we discuss during your pre-planning. For outdoor portraits, we typically schedule for an hour before sunset because that is the most beautiful lighting. Our studio newborn sessions usually last 2-3 hours long. All other studio sessions are approximately a 1.5 hours.
We have a unique family dynamic or one of my family members has special needs.
No problem! We have a son with autism and Tourette syndrome, as well as other special needs in our family so we are quite familiar with special needs. We have also photographed many different family dynamics. Rest assured that you can absolutely feel comfortable with us! If it’s something you’re worried may affect your session, we’re happy to talk with you beforehand. Feel free to reach out anytime. 
What should we wear?
We know personally just how stressful choosing outfits for everyone can be if that is not your passion! We offer an interactive styling & outfit coordination guide, as well as pinterest boards we can share with you. We also offer a selection of maternity dresses that you are welcome to wear for your maternity, family or newborn session.
What if my child doesn't cooperate?
We all have tough days and that’s understandable. We have three children of our own so we get it! We give little ones plenty of time to warm up and have a few tricks to get them giggling. We also have treats in the studio and you are welcome to bring bribes! 😉 If your little one isn’t feeling it, the best thing to do is relax and keep a smile on your face. We want you to absolutely love your portraits! We’ve only had to reschedule a handful of sessions in over a decade of capturing families. 
What happens if it rains of someone is sick?
Please let us know as soon as possible if someone is sick so we can reschedule. We will watch the weather forecast and as the day gets closer, we can make a call on whether to reschedule for another date or switch to a studio session. If you’re flexible, we can make a call the day of the session but if you have hair/makeup scheduled, we can make the call earlier. As you may know, the weather in Virginia Beach can be dark and rainy in the morning and then have the most beautiful evening sunset. 
How long will it take to receive my portraits?
Immediately after your session, your pictures will be uploaded to our hard drive and back up. We will select all of the best portraits and complete a basic edit on them. Within a week of your session, we’ll invite you in for your Viewing & Ordering Appointment. Depending on your order, our typical turnaround time for your final portraits is 2-3 weeks.
What is the Viewing & Ordering Appointment like?
Witnessing clients’ reactions to their portraits is one of our favorite parts of the entire experience! We’ll schedule the session so that all decision makers can be present. We welcome you in to the studio where you can relax with snacks and enjoy a slideshow of all of your portraits. After the slideshow, we’ll break everything up into categories and go through each section together to select your favorite portraits. We’re happy to provide feedback and guide you along the way, if you’d like. Our clients appreciate how easy we make this process for them. We can even create samples of some products on your home’s wall to envision how it will look before ordering. All orders will be finalized and purchased at this appointment. If needed, an additional Viewing & Ordering Appointment can be schedule for $100.
How much should we plan to invest in a custom portrait session?
This is completely up to you! We only want you to purchase exactly what you love from your session; those portraits that bring a smile to your face or perhaps even tears of joy. Some of our clients are happy with a handful of quality portraits and some choose to select a larger variety of portraits and products. Depending on the session type, most clients invest on average $1000-$2000 in custom artwork. 
Do you offer financing or payment plans?
Yes! We offer payment plans for orders over $1000. 



What sets Griffin Photography apart from other maternity/newborn photographers?
We are the only husband and wife newborn photography team in the area. We work together at every newborn shoot. While photographing newborns, much of the shoot, we communicate without even speaking. We know what we are looking for in a pose and work together to achieve it. Certain poses are not able to be done safely without an assistant. While Jason captures everything, Brandy is constantly caring for your newborn and perfecting the poses. Mom & Dad are welcome to help yourself to snacks and drinks, relax or even take a much needed nap! We’ve photographed 500+ newborns, 400+ expecting mothers and countless families over the years so we have an abundance of experience. Even with ample hands on experience, we are constantly taking new education courses in posing, editing techniques, newborn safety and so on. We never want to stop learning and progressing.  
When is the best time to book my session?
The best time to book your maternity and/or newborn session with us is as soon as you decide you’d like us to capture your portraits. We recommend at least 6 weeks in advance, but we do our best to work as many last minute sessions in as possible. Because of the care and time we invest in each session, we’re only able to schedule a limited amount of sessions per month. We typically recommend maternity portraits take place between 32-35 weeks along. If you’re expecting twins or at risk for delivering early, we’ll discuss scheduling earlier in your pregnancy. Newborn sessions are best done within baby’s first two weeks when possible.  
What happens if my baby is born much earlier or later than my due date?
No problem at all! We know it’s an estimated due date and babies come when they’re ready so we’re flexible. We only book a limited amount of sessions per month to ensure we’re able to accommodate babies arriving early/late.
Where should my session take place?
We recommend posed newborn sessions take place at our studio in Virginia Beach. We have everything we’ll need for your newborn session here. The lighting is controlled and we keep the studio very warm for our newborn sessions. If you prefer more of a lifestyle feel to your portraits, we can do the session at your home. Lifestyle portraits will be less posed and focus on your baby around your home. If weather permits (usually June-August), we can add-on an outdoor portion to any newborn session. 

Maternity Sessions can take place in our studio, your home or an outdoor location. We have many beautiful settings in Hampton Roads and would be happy to recommend some location ideas at your pre-session consultation. 

What should we wear?
We have maternity gowns here – you are welcome to choose one of them to wear for your session and/or bring your own wardrobe. The dresses are a size medium, but are stretchy and fit an assortment of sizes. You can view our dress selections HERE.

For your newborn session, you may wear one of our maternity dresses if you’d like. If bringing your own wardrobe, we recommend neutral colors without large logos or bold prints. We also suggest bringing black shirts for both parents, if you’d like any portraits of your baby in your hands on the black background. Long sleeve is best, as long as you’re able to push the sleeves up. For Dads, we suggest something that compliments Mom’s outfit, a solid polo or nice t-shirt and jeans is perfect. 

Can Mom, Dad and siblings be included in our session?
Absolutely! In fact, we encourage it. We’ll generally plan to begin the session with family portraits. This way after family portraits are done, you guys are welcome to relax for the rest of the session while we focus on baby. If siblings are coming, Dad will be free to take big brother/sister home, out to do something fun or back to school. Of course they’re welcome to stay for the entire session, if you’d like.
Do I need to bring props?
All we really need is you and your sweet new baby! We have plenty of wraps, props, baskets/buckets, headbands/hats and blankets here. Of course, if there is something sentimental you’d like to include in your session, you’re welcome to bring it.
How do I prepare?
No need to worry. We’ll go over some suggestions during your pre-session consultation and send you tips to prepare for your session beforehand. 


When should I book my family's session?
Summer and Fall are our busiest seasons for family portraits. While we do our best to accommodate everyone, we recommend booking 3-4 weeks in advance. 

If you’re vacationing in Virginia Beach, we highly recommend you book ASAP. We only book two out of town clients per week to ensure there is ample time to reschedule in the event of bad weather. We usually start receiving bookings for these in winter for the following summer. These sessions can book up months in advance. 

Where should our session take place?
There are many incredible, beautiful settings in Hampton Roads. Is there somewhere specific your family loves? Does your family love to hike and explore in the woods or spend most of your summer on the beach? We’ll discuss what setting will fit your family best during the pre-session consultation and recommend some locations.
My extended family is planning a vacation in Oceanview or Sandbridge. Can we all be included in a session?
Absolutely! We love capturing extended family portraits at the beach! We’ll discuss everything in your pre-session consultation, but typically we begin the session with the large group family portraits, followed by grandparents and grandkids, then individual family portraits, kids and couples. In place of an in studio Viewing & Ordering Session, we can come to your vacation home so everyone can be included. If you’re not staying an entire week, the other option is to schedule an online Viewing & Ordering appointment once you’re back home. 
Can we bring our dog?
Absolutely! He/she is part of your family so of course they can be included in your family session.


When should my senior portrait session take place?
We recommend you do your yearbook photo through the school. Those are typically done the summer before your senior year. For your full senior session with us, we recommend they take place in the fall or spring of your senior year. Our schedule fills quickly, so please book your session as soon as you decide you’d like to schedule.
Can I bring my parents or a friend?
Absolutely! We encourage bringing someone to help get some giggles and natural smiles. Tell them to be prepared because they might get pulled into a couple pics too!
Where should my session take place?
There are so many wonderful locations in Hampton Roads. Do you love hiking in the woods? Does the funky art at the oceanfront fit your style? Maybe your high school is the perfect location. We’ll discuss your interests during our pre-session consultation and decide on the best locations together.
How can I prepare for my session?
SLEEP – Get a good night’s rest so you’re refreshed and ready for your session. SKIN – Don’t stress over blemishes. We can take care of those in post processing. HAIR – Don’t try a new hairstyle the day of your session. You want to feel confident and like yourself during your session, not unsure if you love your new hairstyle yet.
What should I wear for my session?
Wear things that feel like you. You want to be comfortable. Depending on how quickly you can change, we should have time for 2-4 outfits. We recommend bringing multiple tops and accessories to easily change up your look.

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