Get to know the Griffin’s – Oliver’s 1st Lost Tooth

Another “Get to know the Griffin’s” post! As parents, it seems every milestone is bittersweet! Your little one is so excited about what they just accomplished so of course you’re thrilled for them. But then it’s just one more step away from that sweet little baby they were. They grow up SO fast – trust me! Everyone says it, but it’s because it’s absolutely true! Lyndsey is working on starting her own business, getting ready to start her senior year in high school AND learning to drive. Oscar is becoming more independent (he’s always been Mr. Independent, but these past few months have been crazy!) and this is his last year home with us.  Now Ollie is getting ready to start second grade (why does 2nd grade seem so much more grown up than kindergarten and 1st grade?!) and losing teeth!!!

Call me crazy, but I was a little sad to see that first baby tooth pop out. He’s had a lot of dental work and a couple teeth pulled, but it was just something about that first baby tooth coming out on it’s own. He was getting into bed one night and he said he felt it pop a little. I checked it out – it was so loose, I thought he might end up swallowing it in his sleep. Being the crazy mom I am, I made Jason get the camera and grab a few shots of him before he lost his first baby tooth! Two days later, we were getting ready to head to the beach, and I heard a scream from the other room “Mommy! My tooth!” He was so excited!


It was a shark tooth – when permanent tooth starts growing behind the baby tooth. His already looks like it’s moving into place now that the baby tooth is gone!


The typical face of a photographer's kid... "I don't want to take anymore pictures. Can we go to the beach now?!"

The typical face of a photographer’s kid… “I don’t want to take pictures. Can we go to the beach now?!”


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