Double the Love! Newborn Twin Portrait Session with Griffin Photography

Double the Love! Newborn Twin Portrait Session with Griffin Photography – Virginia Beach, VA 

Oh just look at this heart-melting sweetness! We haven’t shared Mom & Dad’s maternity portraits, but we just had to get these newborn twin portraits on the blog! These little ones are pure magic! ✨ We’re over the moon to be a part of their first year! Every four months, we’ll be there to capture all of their subtle changes and milestones, from the maternity session to C & G’s first birthday! While we love all of our Griffin Photography newborns, there’s something special about getting to watch a family grow with our Baby Plan. Capturing all their milestones and the babies’ personalities developing and getting to watch Mom & Dad’s parenting and love grow that first year just makes us so grateful. 💗

If you’d like to join our Baby Plan and capture your little one’s first year to share with future generations, please reach out for more information! You can email us here – or give us a text/call – 757-237-8195.

Portrait of newborn twins snuggled together in a white wrap on a white background. Portrait of newborn boy/girl twins. Boy is in a brown swaddle, girl is in a pink swaddle, wearing a brown headband with a small green and brown flower. They are laying next to each other on a cream fur rugPortrait of a mom and dad holding their newborn twins on a white background. Dad is holding the baby boy who is swaddled in a brown wrap. Mom is holding the baby girl swaddled in a pink wrap. Newborn twins sleeping next to each other. Each baby is holding Mom or Dad's finger. Collage of portraits of boy/girl twins swaddled in all blues on a blue background, in a basket with a fuzzy blue blanket.collage of two portraits of newborn twins on an olive green background. They are propped on their arms with their heads leaning towards each other. On the top portrait, the baby boy has his eyes open. On the bottom portrait, both babies are sleeping.A collage of a family of four. Dad is holding the two newborn twins, while mom is hugging Dad and the twins. A collage of newborn portraits on an olive green background. The left three are of the newborn girl and the right three are of the newborn boy.

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A Memorable Extended Family Photography Session Sandbridge, VA Beach

When families live throughout the country, it can be a big deal for everyone to be together on a family vacation. This often only happens every few years, if that. We always enjoy being their Sandbridge vacation photographer to capture grandparents with all of their grandkids and cousins playing together. It’s even better when they come back years later and we get to see how the kids have grown and some have even added new family members! ❤️

This family stayed at a beautiful beach house rental in Sandbridge so we did the portraits right at their house. It made it so easy for the family to get ready and walk out the back door. Despite the cooler temperatures at this particular extended family session, the beach’s natural beauty still provided a stunning backdrop for the photography session. And as you can see, this family didn’t let the chilly weather dampen their spirits! From the oldest cousin to the baby of the family, the kids were natural models.

One of the highlights of the session was getting to capture Baby R’s first time in the sand! I think it’s safe to say she is quite the little beach baby. 😆  Maybe one day we’ll get to see her reaction to the waves, but it was way too cold this time!

If you’d like to reserve a beach portrait session for your family, you can contact us here. If you’d like to see more family portraits, you can visit our family gallery here. 

A collage of family portrait groupings from an extended family portrait vacation session. The family is wearing shades of blue, pink and white. All pictures are taken in front of beach dunes. A collage of portraits of a young family of three on vacation at Sandbridge beach. They baby girl is 12 months wearing a headband, jeans and blue jean jacket with a pink shirt underneath. Mom is wearing a white sweater with jeans and Dad is wearing a blue bottom up shirt with khakis. The family is posed in the dunes for two pictures. The baby is crawling in the sand with a smile for four of the pictures. One couple picture of the dad embracing the mom. family portraits on the beach. Family of four - mom, dad, one boy about 10 and one girl about 12. They are all wearing shades of blue, pink and white. They're standing in front of the dunes in some pictures and in front of the ocean in some. family of three - mom, dad and preteen daughter - photos on the beach. They are standing in the dunes wearing shades of blue and white. family photos at sandbridge beach in virginia. Four children with their grandparents in front of the dune and fence posts. Everyone is wearing shades of blue and pink outfits. two girl preteen cousins snuggled in their grandmother's quilt at sandbridge beach

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